Peter Latouche Chambers
Served with the 41st Foot in Canada, arriving app. 1803. Married 1807 to Ann Warburton (who may have been related to his Lt. Col., as his name was also Warburton). Fought and distinguished himself in the War of 1812 at Niagara, Queenston under General Brock, and at Sandusky, Detroit, Frenchtown, Miami (now in Michigan), finishing at the defeat at Moravianstadt, where he was among those officers taken prisoner and transported to Frankfort, Kentucky, for the remainder of the war. He, still as an officer The 41st Foot Regiment, again was a hero in the Burmese War in the late 1830's. He became Lt. Col. of the Regiment at the age of 39 years, a position he enjoyed for only 6 months as he and his wife fell victims of a cholera epidemic in Madras. A "huge" tomb has stood in Bangalore in his honour which reads: "Lt. Col. Peter Latouch Chambers of His Majesty's 41st Regiment of Foot, aged 39 years and Emily Anne, his beloved wife aged 37, who fell victims to the epidemic Cholera the 29th day of August, 1828, and lie interred here". They are reported to have died within 2 hours of each other. This 'Emily Ann' is believed to be the original wife shown in the marriage register of St. George's, Kingston, Ontario.

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