Burleigh Papers – Queens University (Kathleen Ryan Hall)

Herbert Clarence Burleigh fonds, ca. 1808-1980

Includes Correspondence, alphabetical files of family research by individual family name (containing correspondence, research from printed sources, newspaper clippings and some photographs), scrapbooks and news clippings. These relate mainly to Bay of Quinte and Loyalist families. Most recent accrual includes material by Dr. Burleigh's daughter Diane MacKinnon. Also includes a set of ordnance survey maps of Kingston and area dated 1869.

When I visited Kathleen Ryan Hall Archives a couple of months ago I had the opportunity to look at quite a few of the files. I found there were files with only one sheet of paper and files with over 100. You are able to obtain photocopies of these records but you yourself cannot do the photocopying…you place an order and the staff photocopies the material. The material is organized into 14 boxes with a 1997 addition. The names included in each box are listed below.

The lists that follows will help you to organize a visit to the archives at Kathleen Ryan Hall. It may also allow you to contact the archives and request photocopies of a file if you cannot visit the archives. I do not know if the staff will photocopy mail-in requests for files but it is worth a try.

Linda Herman, July 3, 2001.


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Kathleen Ryan Hall
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*note there is a list of 1997 additions at the end of this list

Box 1

Abbot, Abrams, Ackerman, Adams, Adsit, Ainsworth, Airhart, Albertson, Alden, Alger, Alkenbrack, Allen, Allsion, Allridge, Althouse, Ambrose, Amey, Amsbury, Anderson, Anderson (Samuel), Andrws, Ansley, Appleby, Armstrong, Arnbold, Ashey, Asselstine, Asselstine (L.A.), Aylsworth

Badley, Baker, Banta-Bonter, Barker, Barnhart, Barnum, Barrett, Barry, Bartels, Bartley, Barton, Bastedo, Beach, Beaman, Beaubien. Beaussele, Bedell, Beech. Belknop, Bell, Benedict, Benjamin, Benn, Bennett, Benson, Berdan, Berger, Best, Bettis

Box 2

Bidwell, Billings, Bird, Black, Blakely, Blanchard, Blauvelt, Bleeker, Bliss, Blunt, Bogart, Boice, Boileau, Bonensteil, Bongard, Booth, Boucher, Boulton, Bowen, Bower, Boyce, Bradshaw, Brants, Brass, Breakenbridge, Breden, Brezee, Brickman, Brisco, Bristol, Brock, Brooks, Brown, Browning, Brownson, Buck, Buis, Bulch, Bull, Bundy, Burdett, Burgess, Burnett, Burton, Bush, Butler, Byrnes

Cadman, Caldwell, Cameron, Campbell, Campbell (Alex), Cane Canniff, Cannon, Card, Carley, Carnaham, Carpenter, Carr, Carscallen, Carson, Cartwright, Casey, Cass, Castle, Caswall, Caton (2), Caverley

Box 3

Chadwich, Chalmers, Chamberlain, Chapman, Charter, Chatterson, Chisholm, Church, Clady, Clancy, Clapp, Claus, Clement, Clock, Clocker (not UE), Clough, Close, Clow, Clute (not UE), Cochran (not UE), Cook, Coffin, Cogswell (not UE), Cole, Collier, Collins, Colten (not UE), Combs (not UE), Comer, Conger, Conklin, Conway, Conner, Cook, Corbin, Corbman, Cornelius, Cornell, Cotter, Cottier, Cramer, Crankshaw, Crawford, Creighton, Cromar, Cronk, Cronkite, Cross, Crouse, Crouter, Crowder, Crowter, Cryder Man, Crysdale, Crysler, Cumming, Cunningham, Cuppage, Curtis, Cushion

Dafoe, Dainard, Daly, Darley, Darling, Daverne, Davidson, Davis

Box 4

Dawson, Day, Deerfield, DeForest, Deforest of Avesnes, DeGuarrie, Delancy, Delmage incl Williams & Weese, Delong, DeMille, Demorest, Demorest (Desc of Peter Stuyvesant), Dempsey, Dempsey (Thomas 1762-1845), Denike, Dennis-Dennee, Denison, Deseronto, Desjordy, Detlor Diary, Detlor, DeWees, DeWitt, Diamond, Dibble, Dickernson, Dics, Dingman, Doller, Donovan, Dop, Dorland, Dougall, Douglas, Drader, Ducharm, Duggins, Dulmage, Dulyea, Dunham, Dunious-Denyes, Duplessis, Durkee, Dusenberry, Dyer

Eadus, Eamer, Eahart, Ecclestone, Edgar, Eddy, Embury, Emmons, Empey, Equier, Estes, Everitt, Eyre

Box 5

Fairfield, Fairman, Falconer, Falloon, Farley, Farrington, Fegan, Fellows, Ferguson (John), Fergispm, Ferris, Fielding, Fields, Fikes, Files, Finkle, Fisher, Fitchett, Flanagan, Fleming, Flynn, Fobriskie, Folger, Fones, Foot, Forshee, Forward, Foster, Fowler (Daniel), Fowler (Radcliffe), Fox, Fralick, Fralick-Fraleigh, Franklin, Fraser, Fraser (William), Freeman, Freeman of Freeman Farm Saratoga NY, Freeman (Raymond), Frere, Fretts, Friermouth, Friend-Frint, Fry (Wm & Neighbors), Fulford, Fulton

Box 6

Galbraith, Galt, Gardenier, Garnett, Garnire, Gates, Gayer, Gaylord, George, German, Gerolamy, Gerow, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilvin-Glen, Gisen, Goff, Goldsmith, Gonsalve, Godsell, Goodwill, Gorssline, Gould, Gourdanier, Graham, Grange, Grant, Grass, Gravelstone, Greeley, Green, Greer, Griffis, Grooms, Groshong, Gruber, Gonsaul-Gunsolus, Cuthrie (Guthrie?)

Hagedorn, Hagerman, Haight, Hall, Halstead, Ham, Hambley, Hampton, Hannah, Hare, Harlow, Harmens, Harns, Harris, Harrison, Hart, Hartman, Hasler, Haskin, Havens, Heald, Hawley, Haycock, Heather, Heck, Heen, Henderson, Hennesy, Hennessey-Hendricks, Herner, Herns, Herkimer

Box 7

Hess, Hicks, Hilliard, Hinamon, Hitchcock, Hitchins, Hodges, Hoffnel, Hogan, Hogeboom, Hogle, Holcomb, Holding, Houghtaling, Hough (Hoke), Hough-Huff, Hover, Horne-Van Alstyne, Horner, Hosell, Hosey, Hovenden, Howard, Howell, Hubel, Hudgin, Hudson, Huff, Huffman, Huffnail, Hughes, Hughson, Hunter, Huntley, Hurlbut, Hutchinson, Huyck, Hyland


Jackson, Jamieson, Jaynes, Jeffrey, Jenkins, Jenks, Jessup, Jewel, Johns Johnston, Jones, Joyce

Keech, Keller, Kelly, Kemp, Kennedy, Kerlin, Kern, Kercheson, Kerchum, Kickeland, Kidney, Kemmerley, Kingsbury, Kirby, Knight, Krein, Krimstone, Krockel, Knowlton

Lafantaisie, Labreque, Laird, Lake, Lambert, Lambins, Land, Lane, Lansing, Lapp, Lapum, Lard, Lardley, Larraway, Lasher, Latimore

Box 8

Laughlin, Law, Lawson, Lazier, Leahy, Leaman, Lebeau, Lee, Lehi, Lennox, Lent, Leonard, Leroque (LaRocque-Lerrock), Levi, Lewis, Lighthall, Lince, Lincoln, Lindsey, Link, Livingston, Lloyd, Lockard, Lockwood, Loft, Long, Longwell, Losie, Lott, Lottridge, Louison, Loucks, Lovelace, Low, Lowry, Loyst, Ludwick, Luscombe, Lyons,

Box 9

MacAchin, McAvley, McBride, McCabe, McCafferty, McCarthy, McCarty, MacChannanick, McCrea, McCrimmon, McDermot, McDonnel, McDonnell, McDougall, McDowall, McFarlane, McGee, McGinnis, McGiven, McGraw-McGrath, McGuin, McIntosh, McKay-McCoy, McKeage, McKensie, McKim, McKindlea, McLaughlin, McLea, McLean, McMaster, McMullen, McNabb, McNutt, McPherson, McTaggart

Madden, Magee, Magin-McLeod, Mallory, Manter, Marsh, Martin, Mason, Mattice, Meeks, Mellow, Membery, Meritt, Merkle, Metcalfe, Metinge, Meyers, Middleton, Mikel, Miller, Milligan, Mills, Milton, Minaker, Mittz, Montzal, Montour, Moor, Morden, Morral, Mosher, Moutray, Mullett, Munroe, Murdoff, Murney, Murphy

Nash, Near-Neher, Needham, Neely, Neerolt, Neilson, Nessler, Newlands, Nichols, Nicholson, Nix

Box 10

Nobeling, Norrington, North, Nugent

O'Bryan, O'Connor, O'Donovan, O'Flynn, Ogden, Oliver O'Neil, O'Reilly, Orser, Osborne, Ostrom, Outwater, Overfield, Owens

Pallum, Palmateer, Palmatier, Palmer, Parkes, Parks, Parliament, Parrott, Parrott-Younglove, Parry, Parshall, Patrick, Patterson, Paul, Peck, Peltier, Pemberton, Pencil, Pentland, Perry, Peters, Peterson, Pettit, Phillips, Phippen, Pickle, Pitman, Platt, Polson, Poncet, Pomeroy, Poor, Porter, Post, Powers, Powley, Preston, Price, Priest, Pringle, Pruyn, Purdy


Radecliffe, Rancier, Ramkin, Raworth, Ray, Raymond, Redden, Reddick, Redner, Reed, Reid, Renaux, Reynolds, Rickey

Box 11

Richard, Richmond, Rikley, Ripson, Robertson, Robins, Robinson, Roblin, Rogers, Rombough, Rose, Rosier, Ross, Rouse, Roys, Rothwell, Rush-Rusk, Russell, Rutter, Ryckman, Ryder

Sager, Salsbury, Sanford, Saracen, Sarles, Savage, Savor, Schermerhorn, Schwerdtfeger, Scott, Scout, Scouten, Scriver, Secor, Sedore, See, Selye, Segersward, Sellick, Semour, Shannon

Box 12

Sharpe, Shaw, Shaw-Schoff, Sheldon, Sherman, Sherwood, Shibley, Shorey, Shorts, Shurtliffe, Sibley, Sicker, Sigsworth, Sills, Silver, Simpson, Sinclair, Singleton, Skinkle, Sleuter, Sloot, Smith, Smith-Reid (Peter), Smith (Darius Champion), Snider, Snook, Soames, Soles, Soper, Southard, Spafford, Spencer, Sprague, Sprung, Stafford, Stalker, Staring, Steel, Sterling, Stern, Stevens, Stewart, Stickney, Stiles, Steenburgh, Stewart, Stinson, Storms, Stoughton, Stover, Stryker, Sutherland, Swartfeger, Sweet, Sweeton, Switzer,

Tackaberry, Tanner-Martin, Taylor, Thomas, Thompson, Thomson, Thuresson, Thurston, Tice, Tillotson, Tompkins, Tremere, Troudsale, Trumpour, Tryan, Tucker, Turnbull, Turner, Turney, Turvey, Tyler,


Box 13

Valleau, Vallentine, Van Alen, Van Alstine, Van Blaricom, Vance, Vancleak, Van Cott, Van de Bogart, Van der Burgh, Van der Heydon, Van der Kar, Van der Voort, Van de Waters, Van Dusen, Van Dyde, Van Horn, Van Koughnet, Van Luven, Vanness, Van Order, Van Sicler, Van Sickle, Van Skiver, Van Tassel, Van Valkenburgh, Van Windle, Varty, Vaughan, Veder, Veley-Viele, Vent, Viau, Vosburg, Vrooman,

Wagner, Waggoner, Wait, Waldron, Wallis, Wallsworth, Walroth, Walsh, Walton, Wannamaker, Ward, Warner, Wartman, Washburn, Watchman, Watoon, Way, Weeks, Weese, Welbank, Welch, Weller, Wells

Box 14

Wemp, Wemp (Barney & Fam), Wendell, Wetsel, Wheeler, White, Whittink, Wilde, Wilkins, Willcox, Williams……(at this point we get "bottom of page, bottom of page….some names may be missing)

York…..(again names may be missing here)

1997 Additions to the Burleigh Papers Ball, Brown, Boisvert-Greenwood, Bowerman, Burleigh, Clemment, Cornelius, Costello-Ryan, Ellerbeck, Estes, Eves, Exley, Galloway, Garrison, Grant, Hazelton, Hogle, Hogle-Lake, Howe, Huffman, Irish, Mackinnon, Macknight, Marsh, Martin, Matthys, Metcalfe, Miller, Mott, Percy, Powell, Randolph, Redden, Rice, Richardson, Richmond, Ruttan, Tanner, Taylor, Trousdale, Van Norden