Silas Vandervere YORK born __-___-1786, New Jersey, United
States, married Anne ______, born __-___-17__, died ?.  Silas
died 25-May-1843, Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Prov. of Canada.


     i      Henry YORK born 1814-1816, United States, married 27-May-1840,
in Mariposa Twp., Victoria Co., Ontario, Matilda ARMITAGE, born 12-Mar-1827,
United States, died 31-Jan-1912, Simcoe St., Orillia, Ontario.  Henry died ?.

     ii      Alexander YORK born 1817-1820, Province of Canada, married 3-Jan-1842,
in Markham Twp., York Co., Ontario., Elizabeth LONG, born 19-Jun-1820,
Uxbridge Twp., Prov. of Upper Canada, (daughter of Joseph LONG and Hannah ____)
died 29-Dec-1904, Fenlon Falls, Victoria Co., Ontario, buried Uxbridge Cemetery.
Alexander died ABT1885, Uxbridge Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario.

     iii     Silas James YORK born 1819-1823, Province of Canada, married Bridget MOONEY,
born __-___-1825, died __-___-1870, Brock Twp., Ontario Co., Ontario.
Silas died 25-Oct-1848, Reach Twp., Home Dist., Prov. of Canada.