Descendants of Silas Vandervere YORK(E)

Gabriel FRENCH

Matilda DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1865. She died 1951. Matilda married Gabriel FRENCH.


Alvina DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1866. She married PARK.

Albert Edward COOK was born 14 Jun 1866 in Beverly, Ontario. He died 12 Aug 1950 in Edmonton, Alberta and was buried Aug 1950 in Edmonton, Alberta. Albert married Harriet DWINNELL on 3 Jul 1888 in Medonte, Simcoe Co., Ontario.

Harriet DWINNELL [Parents] was born 11 May 1868 in Tiny Twp., Simcoe Co., Ontario. She died 23 Dec 1951 in Edmonton, Alberta and was buried in Edmonton Cemetery, Edmonton, Alberta. Harriet married Albert Edward COOK on 3 Jul 1888 in Medonte, Simcoe Co., Ontario.

They had the following children:

  M i Raymond Alwin COOK was born 4 Jun 1889. He died 12 Mar 1909.
  M ii Earl Albert COOK
  M iii Edward Cecil COOK was born 15 Jul 1893. He died 1895.
  M iv Thomas Carlton COOK was born 30 Jan 1895. He died 1897.
  F v Eva Ethel Ellen COOK
  F vi Esther Euphemia COOK
  M vii Charles Theodore COOK
  F viii Liyla Hanna Grace COOK
  M ix Percy Samuel COOK was born 10 Oct 1907. He died 14 Apr 1908.

Albert KING

Hannah DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1870. She married Albert KING.

Henry DWINNELL [Parents] was born 3 Feb 1871. He died 1956. Henry married Sarah A. MCFADDEN on 16 Dec 1893.

Sarah A. MCFADDEN married Henry DWINNELL on 16 Dec 1893.

James MCFADDEN married Mary DWINNELL on 25 Oct 1893/1894.

Mary DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1876. She died 1927. Mary married James MCFADDEN on 25 Oct 1893/1894.


Ethel DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1878. She married BARTLETT.

Charles DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1880. He died 1918. Charles married Elizabeth .


BROWN married Phoeme DWINNELL on 5 Sep 1900.

Phoeme DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1883. She married BROWN on 5 Sep 1900.


Eliza DWINNELL [Parents] was born 1885. She married HONEBURN.

Other marriages:

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