From the book 'Lunenburgh, or the Old Eastern District'

By J. F. Pringle, Judge County Court.  Published in 1890.

APPENDIX A. EXTRACTS FROM CANADIAN ARCHIVES HALDIMAND PAPERS, SERIES B., VOL. 158, P. 128. ST. JOHNS, 3rd June, 1780. SIR,-I have the honor to report to your Excellency the arrival of the troops and Indians under my command at this place. We arrived at the settlement, within five miles of Johnson Hall, on the 21st of last month, in the evening, previous to which I had made known to the Indians the plan I wished to pursue, and I thought I had little reason to doubt their joining heartily in it, but upon assembling them to obtain their final answer, I was not a little mortified to find them totally averse to it, or even to a division of their body. I therefore found myself under the disagreeable necessity of adopting their plan, which was for them to proceed to Tripe's Hill, within a mile and a half of Fort Johnson, while the troops under my command were to march by Johnstown to Caghnawaga, where the whole were to join and proceed up the river to the nose, and from thence to Stone Arabia. We accordingly proceeded, and met at the house of Dow Fouda, at Caghnawaga, destroying all before us as we marched along. From thence we proceeded to within a mile of the nose, where a halt was found absolutely necessary, the troops and Indians being much fatigued and in want of refreshment, having marched from six in the morning of the 21st till ten in the morning the day following. Some of the Indians and Rangers continued burning and laying waste everything before them, till they got above the nose. Most of the inhabitants fled to the opposite shore with their best effects, securing their boats, which prevented their crossing the river. After the men were sufficiently rested and refreshed, I proposed moving on to Stone Arabia, to which the Indians objected, alleging that the troops, as well as themselves, were too much fatigued to proceed any further, and that the inhabitants were all fled into their forts with their effects, and that there was nothing left but empty houses, which were not worth the trouble of going to burn; indeed, many of them moved off with their plunder, with which they were all loaded before I knew their intention. I therefore found myself under the necessity of following them. We burned several houses on our return to Johnstown, where we arrived about one o'clock the same day. Affer providing provisions, etc., we marched back by the same route we came to the Scotch settlement. The number of houses, barns, mills, etc., burnt, amounts to about one hundred and twenty. The Indians, contrary to my expectation killed only eleven men among them Colonel Fisher, Captain Fisher, and another brother, of what rank I know not. The prisoners taken amounted to twenty-seven. Fourteen of them I suffered to return, being either too old or too young to march, and I was induced by the earnest desire of the loyal families left behind to set at liberty two of the principal prisoners we had taken, in order to protect them from the violence of the people, which they most solemnly promised to do and in order to make them pay the utmost attention to their engagements, I assured them that the rest of the prisoners should be detained as hostages for the performance of this promise. I also sent a Capt. Veeder back in exchange for Lieut. Singleton, of my regiment, which I hope will meet with your Excellency's approbation. Vast quantities of flour, bread, Indian corn, and other provisions, were burnt in the houses and mills, and a great number of arms, cash, etc.; many cattle were killed; and about seventy horses brought off. One hundred and forty-three Loyalists, and a number of women and children, with about thirty blacks (male and female), came off with us. Seventeen of the latter belong to Colon Claus, Johnson and myself. Some are claimed by white men and Indians, who are endeavoring to dispose of them; I should therefore be glad to have your Excellency's directions concerning them. I enclose your Excellency the only papers I could procure, with sundry letters, which will shew the early intelligence they had of our approach. I must beg leave to refer your Excellency to Captain Scott for further particulars, and beg you will excuse this imperfect account of our proceedings. I shall transmit exact returns of the Loyalists and Indians from the Mohawk village, who have come in, by the next post. I beg leave to recommend my cousin, Ensign Johnson, to your Excellency for the vacancy in the 47th, if not pre-engaged, as he was of great service in preventing the Indians from committing many irregularities, which I was very apprehensive of; and he has been promised the first vacancy. I must also beg your Excellency will be pleased to grant a flag for the relief of the families left in Tryon County who may choose to come into this Province, which is most earnestly wished for by their husbands and parents. I have the honor to be, with great respect, Your Excellency's Most obedient and Most humble servant, John Johnson. His EXCELLENCY, GENERAL HALDIMAND. Endorsed from A. 1780, Sir John Johnson, of the 3rd June. Rec'd the 5th.
The following extract from the "Andover Review" for May, 1889, is taken from the "Montreal Star" of June, 1889, and is given here to show the ill-treatment the Loyalists received from the Rebels, and the provocation which led the former to inflict such heavy punishment upon their persecutors: "There was naturally persecution of Loyalists during the eight years of strife. Measures were adopted in citizens' private committees and Acts in Legislative bodies for punishment of the adherents of the Crown. Tar and feathers were the usual decree of the mob, and the committees varied it by house-breaking, smoking out, cattle maiming, and poisoning, way-laying, insulting, plundering, and driving the owner from his estate, or shutting him up-a prisoner in his neighbor's house, or even in gaol. Legislative penalties were more dignified, but also more severe. Prescription, confiscation, banishment, imprisonment, transportation with prohibition of returning, attainting of treason, were the usual awards." It is probable that there was not a white man in the expedition mentioned in Sir John Johnson's report, from the colonel commanding to the private soldier, who had not suffered one or more of the injuries and indignities mentioned in the foregoing extract.
To His Excellency General Haldimand, General and Commander-in-Chief of all His Majesty's Forces in Canada and the Frontiers thereof, &c., &C., &c. The memorial of John and Alexander McDonell, Captains in the King's Royal Regiment, of New York, humbly sheweth,-That your memorialist, John McDonell's family, are at present detained by the rebels in the County of Tryon within the Province of New York, destitute of every support but such as they may receive from the few friends to Government in said quarters, in which situation they have been since the year 1777. And your memoralist, Alexander McDonell, in behalf of his brother, Captain Allen McDonell, of the 84th Regiment, that the family of his said brother have been detained by the Rebels in and about Albany since the year 1775,and that unless it were for the assistance they have met with from Mr. James Ellice, of Schenectady, merchant, they must have perished. Your memoralists therefore humbly pray your Excellency will be graciously pleased to take the distressed situation of said families into consideration, and to grant that a flag be sent to demand them in exchange or otherwise direct towards obtaining their releasement, as your Excellency in your wisdom shall see fit, and your memorialists will ever pray as in duty bound. Endorsed.-Memorial of John and Allan McDonell, Captain in the King's Royal Regiment, New York, 13th February (the year is not given, probably 1779 or 1780.)
3. SERIES B., VOL. 158, PP. 352-353.
To the Honourable Sir John Johnson, Lieutenant-Colonel Commander of the King's Royal Regiment of New York. The humble petition of sundry soldiers of said regiment sheweth,-That your humble petitioners, whose names are hereunto subscribed, have families in different places of the Counties of Albany and Tryon, who have been and are daily ill-treated by the enemies of Government. Therefore we do humbly pray that your Honour would be pleased to procure permission for them to come to Canada. And your petitioners will ever pray. JOHN MCGLENNY ALEX. FERGUSON THOMAS ROSS THOMAS TAYLOR ALEXANDER CAMERON WILLIAM CAMERON FREDERICK GOOSE GEORGE MURDOFF WM. URGHAD* WILLIAM CHESSIM** DUNCAN McINTIRE JOHN CHRISTY ANDREW McCARTER DONALD ROSS ALLEN GRANT DONALD CHISSEM** HUGH CHISHOLM RODERICK McDONALD ANGUS GRANT ALEXANDER GRANT JOHN McDONALD *Probably Urquhart **Probably Chisholm
The names and number of each family intended in the within petition: Name of Family Consisting of Number 1. Duncan McIntyre's Wife, sister and child 3 2. John Christy's Wife and 3 children 4 3. George Mordoff's do 6 do 7 4. Daniel Campbell's do 5 do 6 5. Andrew Milross' Wife 1 6. William Urghad's Wife and 3 Children 4 7. Donald McCarter's do 3 do 4 8. Donald Ross' do 1 child 2 9. Allan Grant's do 1 do 2 10. William Chissim's do 1 do 2 11. Donald Chissim's do 2 Children 3 12. Hugh Chissim's do 5 do 6 13. Roderick McDonald's do 4 do 5 14. Angus Grant's do 5 do 6 15. Alex. Grant's do 4 do 5 16. Donald Grant's do 4 do 5 17. John McDonald's Wife 1 18. John McGlenny's Wife and 2 Children 3 19. Alex Ferguson do 5 do 6 20. Thomas Ross' Wife and 4 Children 5 21. Thos. Taylors' Wife and 1 Child 2 22. Alexander Cameron's Wife and 3 Children 4 23. William Cameron's do 3 do 4 24. Frederick Goose's do 4 do 5 Endorsed-Memorial from several soldiers of Sir John Johnson's Corps, received 27th July. (The year is not given, it was probably 1779 or 1780.)
5. SERIES B., VOL. 158, P. 355.
List of the prisoners with the Rebels of the King's Royal Regiment of New York: Major's-Simon Swart, John Weaver, Alexander Cameron, Isaac Awson, Henry Harris, John Lussly. Captain Angus McDonell's-Hugh McMillan, Duncan McDonell, Thos. Kooman, James Lockwood, Peter Lockwood, John Lewis. Captain Monro's-John Cayden, Robert Turnbull, John Maddoch, Jno. Freeland. Captain Daly's-Charles Johnson, Frederick Rice, William Empey. Captain Duncan's-Corporal Philip Cook, Adam Shades, Dennis Sullivan, John Martell, Adam Hobber. Captain Alexander McDonell's-Peter McDougall, Nathaniel Crossley, Richard Freeman. Captain J. Anderson's-John Dingwall, George Smith, Peter Cross. (Signed), J. Valentine, Adjutant. Hazelton Spencer, volunteer, now at Skeenesborough. Endorsed-List of prisoners with the rebels of the King's Royal Regiment, New York. (The date is not given, probably 1778 or 1779.)
6. SERIES B. VOL. 158, P. 356.
List of prisoners inlisted by Mr. Halbert for the 2nd Battalion of the King's Royal Regiment of New York: John Gibson, Martin Ammon. Taken while Hunting, and were ever called friends. Ass Debol, Jabiel Hulbert, George Wright, Ezra Wood, Zachias Granger. Last spring, attempting to make their escape at Fort George, were taken prisoners. David Brown, Elias Lent, Calvin Hinds. Have no knowledge of them further than their friends say they were forced into the militia.
7. SERIES B., VOL. 158, PP. 357-358.
A list of men lately come in from Tryon County, and now at Yamaska, desirous of joining the King's Royal Regiment of New York: Patrick Fitzpatrick ? Pettingale ? Phillipse ? Bodgardus ? Magra One more name forgot. Samuel Hurissan, lately brought in, has a brother in the above regiment. Sent in his name desiring to join it, but could not be got out of confinement; since released, and engaged by promises of three guineas' bounty and permission to work in the King's works at 3s. per day, and to have his brother exchanged by persons recruiting for Major Rogers. List of men of the late Major McAlpine's corps desirous of serving under the command of Sir John Johnson in the Royal Regiment of New York: James VanCamp Jacob VanCamp Stephen Boiro John Conkling Daniel Robertson John Lane Joseph Emry Ebenezer Perkins Duncan Cameron James McCara John Eurhart Abram Hilliker
8. SERIES B., VOL. 158, P. 365.
A list of men in listed by order of the late Mr. Hewetson for Sir John Johnson's (Bart) Brigade, and joined Colonel Butler's Rangers of their own accord: Casper Towsick Urbanus Hains Tunis Slingerland Derrick Slingerland George Rauzier Aaron Hogtealing Isaac Van Volkenburgh John Bratt Jacob Quant A list of men inlisted by orders of the late Mr. Hewetson for Sir John Johnson's (Bart.) Brigade, and joined Joseph Brant's Volunteers of their own accord: Peter Chant Christian Plats Nicholas Kerkner Aaron Hollenbeck Anthony Bratt John Emmerick Plass Christopher Hawk Philip Moake Wilham May ? Rudley
SERIES B., VOL. 158, P. 366.
David Williams Ichabod Hawley David Crawfoot Daniel Walker Benjamin Reynolds Andrew French William Willoughby William Reynolds Benegar Benedict John Curtis Seth Cook Thomas Graiss Ayer Northrop Francis Redding Peter Beebe Calib Henderson Daniel Scott Nathan Brown Timothy Hill I do hereby certify that the above named men were inlisted by me, and have served under my command in and since the year 1777. JED. FRENCH.
The following list of officers, recommended to His Excellency General Haldimand for promotion in the 2nd Batt. of the Royal Regiment of New York, is compiled from three returns given in Series B., Vol.158, pages 360, 361 and 362. It is not considered necessary to give the three returns, as several of the names appear in each of them: RETURNS IN WHICH THE NAME APPEARS Lieutenant Colonel 1 2 3 Major John Ross 2 CAPTAINS Stephen Watts, Captain, 8th Regiment 1 Richard Brown, Lieut., 31st Regiment 1 2 3 James Kirkman, Lieut.-Adjt. 29th Regiment 1 Richard Haughton, Lieut., 53rd Regiment 1 Geo. Singleton, Lieut., K.R.R., N.Y. 1 2 3 Wm. Johnson, Lieut., 47th Regiment 1 Wm. Morrison, Lieut., K.R.R., N.Y. 1 2 3 Robert Laeke, cammanding a corps of Loyalists 1 2 3 Thos. Gomersall, Capt.-Lieut., 1st Batt., K.R.R., N.Y. 2 3 Jacob Maurer, Lieut., do do 2 3 James McDonell, Lieut., do do 2 3 Wm. Redford Crawford, (13th July, 1778), as Capt.-Lieut. 1 Lieutenants. Alex. Saunders, Ensign and Quartermaster, 29th Regt. 1 Isaac Mann, Lieut. in Leake's 1 2 3 Wm. McKay, do 1779 1 2 3 Neil Robertson, Lieut. in McAlpin's, 1777 1 2 3 Alex. Campbell, do do 1 2 3 Christian Weire, Lieut. in Jessup's 1 2 3 John Howard, Lieut. in Leake's, 1777 1 2 3 Jeremiah French, Lieut. in Peters'. (Served as Captain, paid as Lieut., 1777) 1 2 Gershom French, Lieut. in Peters' 1 Humphrey Arden, Ensign, 34th Regiment 2 Patrick Langan, Ensign, 1st Batt., K.R.R., N.Y., 4th Oct., 1779. 2 3 William Fraser, Lieut. in Leakes, 4th Oct., 1777 2 3 Henry Young, do do July, 1777 2 3 ?? Coffin, 2 Philip P. Lansingh, High Sheriff of Charlotte Cnty 2 Allen McDonell, 3 Henry Young 3 ENSIGNS. Walter Sutherland, Volunteer, K.R.R., N.Y. 1 Philo Hurlbut, Lieutenant in Peters' corps 1 2 3 Oliver Church, Ensign, K.R.R., N.Y. 1 2 3 Hazelton Spencer, Ensign, K.R.R., N.Y. 1 2 3 James McAlpin, do do 1 Jacob Farrand, do do 1 3 William Fraser, Recruiting Ensign 1 William Mann, Volunteer, K.R.R., N.Y. 1 Ronnell McDonell, taken as hostage in 1776, paid £11.0.0 per muster 2 3 Samuel McKay, son of late Captain McKay 2 3 Timothy Thompson, pensioner at £11.0.0 per muster 2 ?? Clinch, 2nd Lieut. in Butler's Rangers 2 Chaplain-John Stewart 1 2 Adjutant-Walter Sutherland 1 Humphry Arden 2 Quartermaster-Alex. Saunders, Ensign 24th Regt. 1 Matthew Dies 2 Surgeon-Williamson, Surgeon's Mate 31st Regt. 1 ? Carr 2
10. SERIES B., VOL. 167, P. 322.
List of the officers of different corps of Royalists in Canada, specifying the time they joined the King's troops, in what rank they commenced pay, and to what corps they belong, with remarks, &c., &C., 15th May, 1781. Names. Of What When Entered How Paid Having Corps. Service. Families Ebenezer Jessup, Esq. Jessup's Corps 4th Nov., 1776 As Captain A Family Edward Jessup, Esq. do do do do Jonathan Jones, Esq. do do do do Joseph Jessup do do As Lieutenant None Christian Weher do In Aug.,1777 do None here David Jones do 4th Nov., 1776 do None James O'Neil do In Aug., 1777 do None here Henry Simonds do do do do Guysbert Sharpe do do do do Wm. Lamson. (Paid do 4th Nov., 1776 As Ensign None as Lieut. since Oct., 1777. John Man do In July 1777 As Lieutenant A Family William Snyder do 4th Nov., 1776 As Ensign do John Dusenburg do In Aug., 1777 do None Christian Haver do do do do (Taken prisoner in Sept., 1777, came to this Province in July, 1780.) Thomas Man do In March, 1777 do do Solomon Jones do 4th Nov., 1776 As Surg's Mate do The Rev. John Bryant do In Oct., 1780 As Chaplain A Family Peter Drummond Late Major McAlpine's 4th Nov. 1776 As Lieutenant None (Taken prisoner 19 Sept., 1777, rescued and came into this Province, Aug. 20, 1780.) Neil Robertson do do do do (Appointed a Lieut. by Major McAlpine in a corps he began to raise in Sept. 1776. William Fraser do In Aug., 1777 As Lieutenant A Family Thomas Fraser do In July, 1777 do do Gideon Adams do 4th Nov., 1776 None (Commenced pay as an officer in Oct. 1777) Daniel Fraser do In July, As Ensign do James McAlpine do In Oct., 1777 do do James Campbell do In July, 1777 do A Family Jacob Millor do John Peters, Esq. Justus Sherwood Peters' Corps In Nov., 1776 A Family Francis Hogle do In July, 1777 do James Parrott do In Nov., 1776 do Gershom French do In Aug., 1777 As Lieutenant do John Dulmage do In Nov., 1776 do (Messrs. Sherwood, Parrott and Dulmage, commenced pay the first as Capt. the others as Lieutenants in the summer of 1777. They were paid as privates before.) Philip Hullibert do do Titus Simons do In Aug., 1777 As Lieutenant do David McFall do From 26th Regt. do None (First attached to Jessup's, joined Peters' in 1777, taken prisoner 16th Aug. following.) John Peters, junior do In Aug., 1777 As Ensign None Hugh Munro, Esq. Leake's Corps In July, 1777 As Capt. batteau (Capt. Leake never considered him None here as belonging to his corps) William McKay In Aug., 1777, As Lieutenant None from 21st Regt. Henry Young do 17th Aug., 1777 do None here Isaac Man, junior do In July, 1777 As Adjutant None (Belonged to Jessup's, and joined Capt. Leake by order of Sir John Johnson in '79, as Lieut) William Fraser, junior do 17th Aug., 1777 As Ensign do (Received pay as Lieut. from 25th Oct. 1777.) John Ruyter do 17th Aug., 1777 As Capt. A Family to 24th Oct., 1777 (Commenced pay as Lieut. in Canada, 25th Oct. 1777.) Henry Ruyter do do do do (Commenced pay as Lieut. in Canada, 25th Oct., 1777.) Conradt Best do do As Lieutenant None John Howard do In Aug., 1777 do A Family (Taken prisoner in Sept., 1777, came to this Province in Feb., 1778.) Anthony La Climet do (A Canadian. A bad character put on the list and recommended by Capt. Sam'l McKay, deceased.) Edward Carscallim do Nov., 1776 do (Paid as a private to 24th. June, 1777; made Lieut. by Mr. Peters.) Duncan Cameron do 17th Aug., 1777 do (Served the whole of the last war*, and an honest man.) John Wilson do In Nov., 1776 do (Employed in the Engineer's service; a very good man.) Hermanus Best do In Aug., 1777 As Ensign None NEIL ROBERTSON, Acting Adjutant to the Royalists. *"Served the whole of the last war," meaning the war with the French from 1756 to 1763.